The Empirical Economics Letters

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               Volume 18                                     Number 8                                                   August 2019


Methodological Update on Globalization, Corruption, Economic Freedom, and Foreign Direct Investment

Musa Essayyad, Banamber Mishra and Omar Ahmad Al-Titi



Assessment of Cereals Demand in Cameroon with Endogeneity in Error Correction: The Almost Ideal Demand System

Tiwang G. N. and P. Ningaye



Determinants of Non-Performing Assets in Indian Banking Industry: An Empirical Study

Bezawada Brahmaiah



Can Covered Bond Legislation Enhance Credit Ratings?

Max Kwong, David Leung and Alfred Wong



Relationship between the Peso-Dollar Exchange Rate and Inflation in Mexico, 1995-2019

Daniel Alejo, Leovardo Mata and Odra Saucedo



The Disamenity Value of Cellular Phone Towers on Home Prices in Savannah, Georgia

Joseph Hale and Jason Beck



Relationship between Education and Productivity with the context of Human Capital: An Analysis on OECD Countries

Salih Barışık and Serdar Budak



Determinants of Participation in National Rural Livelihood Mission - An investigation in Odisha, India

Abhisek Mishra, Byomakesh Debata and Jay Kumar Dewangan



Formation, Anchoring and Dissemination of Inflation Expectations in Brazil

Marcos Roberto Vasconcelos and Marina Silva da Cunha



Income Inequality and Work Effort: Revisiting the Veblen Effect

Constantinos Alexiou and Adimulya Kartiyasa







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