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               Volume 18                                     Number 5                                                   May 2019



Analysis of Stock Exchange Behaviour through Wavelets:  A Case Study of Stock Series of the West African Regional Stock Exchange

Allangba Géraud Aymar and Drama Bédi Guy Hervé



Economic Assessment of Meteorological Information Services for Livestock Farmers: A Case Study in Taiwan

Hen-I Lin,  Je-Liang Liou and Ruei-Hua Wang



Health Expenditure, Population Ageing and Income in Vietnam: Evidence from an ARDL Approach

Tan Loi Nguyen and Cong Minh Huynh



Is Microcredit Finance Viable in Alleviating Poverty in The United States?

Musa Essayyad, Kay Zekany, and William B. Galose



Impact of Fiscal Shocks on the Agricultural Job Market of Brazilian States

Elano Ferreira Arruda, João Paulo Rios e Silva and Pablo Urano de Carvalho Castelar



Profitability and R&D Alliance Participation: Empirical Evidence for Newly Listed High Tech Firms

Vicar S. Valencia



Using the Integration of Technical Analysis and Neural Network Model to Forecast TSEC Weighted Index

Cheng Shian Lin



The “Polity HDI”– A Realistic Alternative?

Maria Cornachione Kula



A Comparative Study of Linear Regression, Generalized Additive Models, and Regression Trees

Sunil Sapra



Is the Economic Growth Supportive of Tourist Arrival? Empirical Evidence on Indian Tourism

Aruna Kumar Dash, Aviral Kumar Tiwari and Aruna M



Corruption and Privatization: Macroeconomic and Welfare Effects in Brazil

Arley Rodrigues Bezerra, Ricardo A. de Castro Pereira, Francisco de Assis Oliveira Campos and Marcelo de Castro Callado



From Illusion to Fiscal Fragility: A Short- and Long Term Analysis for the Brazilian states

Carlândia Brito Santos Fernandes, Marina Silva da Cunha and Marcos Roberto Vasconcelos








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