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               Volume 18                                     Number 12                                           December 2019



The Municipal Public Debt Trajectory in Brazil

Rodolfo Ferreira Ribeiro da Costa and Georgiana Karla Oliveira de Morais



An Empirical Refinement of the Relationship between Tariffs and Economic Growth

Fadi Fawaz and Ani Popiashvili



Dynamic Linkages among Alternative Investments

Yu-Min Lian, Yu-Jhih Jhong and Chi-Hung Cheng



Large-Scale Antimalarial Interventions and Birth Weight: Empirical Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Olga Petrova, Joseph Coleman and Gabriel Picone



How do Trade Openness and Capital Inflows Affect Manufacturing Output? Evidence from India using SVAR Approach

Sanjay Kumar, A. Sankaran, Arjun K and Mousumi Das



Has the Central Bank of Brazil’s Reaction Function Become Destabilizing?

Cleiton Silva de Jesus and Thiago Henrique Carneiro Rios Lopes



Is Insurance Premium Stationary in the U.S.? Panel Unit Root Test based on Sequential Panel Selection Method

Vu Thi Hong Phuong and Tsangyao Chang



Savings Behaviour in the Niger Delta Region: An Exploratory Analysis

Uduakobong Inyang, Darragh Flannery and John Garvey



Economics of Ammonia Recovery on Delmarva Broiler Production: A Comparative Process Analysis

Mohammad Ali, Felix Buabeng, Fawzy M. Hashem, Patricia Millner and Matias Vanotti



Impact of Women Directors’ Compensation on Firm Performance of Indian Firms

Rakesh Yadav









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