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               Volume 18                                     Number 11                                           November 2019


Imports, Exports and Female Labor in MENA Region: Evidence from Industry-level data

Veysel Avsar



Spatial Three-Dimensional Panel Gravity Model for International Trade in Eurozone

Ferda Yerdelen Tatoglu



Indian Stock Return and Macroeconomic Variables: A Study with Monthly level data

Debabrata Mukhopadhyay



Impact of Cost and Benefit Considerations on the Public Support for the Euro

Hideki Nishigaki



Has Greater ASEAN Stock Market Integration Improved the Efficiency of the Indonesian Stock Market?

James J. Kung and Wen-Ying Lin



Rescheduling and Refinancing Costs of the Public Debt in Lebanon

Samih Antoine Azar



Revisiting the Term of Interest Rates: Evidence from USA

Pao-Lan Kuo, Chien-Liang Chiu, Tsangyao Chang and Mei-Chih Wang



Analyzing Educational Performances of the Students using Lasso Type Models: The Relevant Variables and Endogeneity

Ebru Caglayan-Akay



Impact of Inflow of Foreign Direct Investment on Labour Market Outcomes: Empirical Evidence from India

Rahul Suresh Sapkal and K R Shyam Sundar


Momentum Profits and the Transitory and Permanent Components of Volatility: Evidence from Taiwan

Yung-Shi Liau








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