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               Volume 18                                     Number 10                                           October 2019


Effect of Government Education Expenditure on Human Capital Efficiency: Evidence from Microdata

Gamze Öz Yalaman



Income Elasticity of Multidimensional Poverty in Asian Countries

Rati Ram



The Forecasting on the Price of Bitcoin with the Application of Seasonal ARIMA model

Yao Xian Lee and Chih Cheng Chen


Do Indian Banks Impact from the Gigantic Entry of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code? A Study on NPA’s and Stock Prices

Miklesh Prasad Yadav and Sudhi Sharma



A Note on Pseudo Concave Functions in Economics

Soro Kolotioloman



Minimizing the “Price” of the Death Penalty in Florida

Ita M. Neymotin and Florence Neymotin



How the Performance Measures Influence the Evaluation of Hedge Funds’ Strategies?

Hela Mzoughi



An Analysis of Capital Structure Factors in the Turkish Manufacturing Sector by Structural Equity Model

Meltem Ulusan Polat, Gül Yüksel, Ahmet Mete Çilingirtürk, and Handan Sümer Göğüş



Fruit Consumption and Morbidity: Can Policymakers Trust the Proverbial ‘Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away’ Theory?

Somdeep Chatterjee



Rural Femininity: Women as Heads of Household in Northeastern Brazil

Márcia Maria Vieira Evangelista, Maria Josiell Nascimento da Silva and Jair Andrade de Araújo







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