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               Volume 17                                     Number 8                                        August 2018



Does the Unemployment Invariant Hypothesis Hold in Developing Countries? A Panel Cointegration Evidence from African Countries

Mercy Laita Palamuleni



An Empirical Study on Divorce Rate in Taiwan

Deng-Yuan Ji



Stock split announcement and stock price: Empirical evidence from India

Manas Mayur



Time-varying Systematic Risk for Style Investment: Evidence from Global Stock Markets

Yung-Shi Liau



Knowledge Management: Determining the Level of Blended e-Learning using a Cost Optimization Model

Marilou Ioakimidis



Using KD indicators for investment performance evaluation: The Evidence from Taiwan

Tsung Yu Hsieh, Xie Zong-You Huang, Jing-Shan Ong, Hwai-Hen Xu, Jing-Ran Lai, Sih-Nien Wang, Bing-Hong Lin, Shu-Ling



A Dynamic Investigation of FDI and Higher Education in a Small Island Developing State

Fauzel Sheereen



Does Health Insurance Improve Health? Evidence from the New Cooperative Medical Scheme in China

Yixin Zhang, Fengli Kang and Daixin He



Refugee Crisis and its Impact on Crime Trends in Germany

Taisiia Stanishevska and Nimantha Manamperi



Productivity Growth and Technical Efficiency Change of Indian Food and Agro-based Firms during Post-Global Financial Crisis

Poulomi Bhattacharya



Financial Regime Changes and the Remittance-Growth Nexus: Evidence from the Top Remittance Recipient Countries

Murshed Chowdhury



Herding Behavior in Strategic Asset Allocations: Evidence from Turkish Equity Mutual Funds

Serra Eren Sarıoğlu and Nazlı Kalfa Baş


Economic Growth and Development: A Case Study for Turkey with Data Envelopment and Panet Data Models

Şenol Altan, Emin Ahmet Kaplan and Seyyide Doğan








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