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               Volume 17                                     Number 7                                        July  2018




The Insolvency System of Canadian Households

Samir Amine and Wilner Predelus



Post Graduate Education and Business Cycles in Turkey

Murat Anil Mercan, Mesut Karakas and Hande Barlin



Multidimensional inequality in West Bengal - Post reform evidence

Sangita Choudhury



Educational Overconfidence and the Path to Business

Florence Neymotin



A study of China's Housing Price Bubble based on the Application of Financial Big Data

Tsung-Pao Wu, Yun-ji Cai, Yu-shen Pan and Zhi-ying Chen



Determinants and Stability Demand for Money: A Sample of BRIC-T Countries

Serkan Çinar and  Hayriye Başci Nur



Nexus between Expenditure on Education and Economic Growth in India: An Empirical Analysis

Raju Guntukula, K. Anji Reddy and Pandaraiah. G



Productivity, Employment and Wages in Organized Manufacturing: A Comparative Study of Odisha and India

D P Priyadarshi Joshi and Priyabrata Sahoo



Student Satisfaction with Major: The Role of Personality

Jeremy Jackson, Elizabeth Crisp Crawford and Andrew Pritchard



Dynamics of the Shift of Insurance Agents between Companies in the Life Insurance Industry

Neha Chhabra Roy



An Analysis of High-peak Pear Insurance against Natural Disasters in Taiwan

Li-Fu Huang, Pei-Ing Wu and Je-Liang Liou









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