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               Volume 17                                     Number 6                                        June  2018



Remittances, Economic Growth and The Philippines: A Cointegration Analysis

Sergio Castello and Anindya Biswas



Predictors of Financial Dishonesty: Perceived Opportunity, Attitudes, Self-Control

Ratan Kumar Khatwani and Vinay Goyal



Cyclical Group Preferences in National Elections

Bodo Knoll and Joan Serra



Does Practice Make Perfect? Overcoming Bias in Estimating the Volume-Outcome Relationships

Pi-Fem Hsu



Effect of Stock Splits on CNX 100 Firms - Test of Efficiency in Indian Stock Market

Raghu Kumari and Mayank Pachauri


Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Specialized Hospitals and General Hospitals: An Empirical Analysis for Brazil

Pedro Henrique Soares Leivas, Paulo de Andrade Jacinto, Anderson Moreira Aristides dos Santos,César Augusto Oviedo Tejada andAdelar Fochezatto



Using seasonal-trend Decomposition by Loess to Explore Chinese Consumption

Kerry Liu



Contagion Effects of 2011 Japan Earthquake - The Case of REITs Markets

Ming-Che Wu, Yung-Shi Liau and Yung-Chang Wang



Vulnerability to Climate Change: An Empirical study of Indian Sundarban

Gargi Basu and Jyotish Prakash Basu



How Important are IPRs to SMEs in Knowledge Economics Century? – Empirical Research from 651 SMEs at 27 Years Interval in Taiwan

Ching-Yung Wang



An Empirical Study of the factors determining Risk &driving Cost of Credit in Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending Industry

Abhik Chattopadhyay and Mousumi Bhattacharya









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