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               Volume 17                                     Number 5                                        May  2018



Using Agent Remarks to Explore the Principal-Agent Relationship in Residential Real Estate Brokerage

Jason Beck, Stephen Bray and Aaron Trapani



Fiscal Sustainability in Lebanon: The Accounting Approach

Samih Antoine Azar and Ohannes Avadis Tchamichian



Testing the J-Curve Hypothesis: An Empirical Analysis for India

B. Venkatraja



Purchasing Power Parity in BRICS Countries: Fourier Quantile Unit Root Tests

Tsangyao Chang and Tzu-ling  Lin



Crimes Against Property and Public Security Spending: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis for the Metropolitan Area of Porto Alegre

Ricardo Capra Schuch, Daniel de Abreu Pereira, Giacomo Balbinotto Neto, Marcelo de Oliveira Passos and Julia Gallego Ziero Uhr



Determinants of Agency Costs: Empirical Evidence from an Emerging Market

B Rajesh Kumar and K S Sujit



Pyramidal Ownership Structure and Firm performance

Chia-Hui Hsieh and Horn-Chern Lin



The Global Financial Crisis and the Determinants of the Turkish Money Supply

Hassan M. Shirvani, Sidika Gulfem Bayram and Natalya Delcoure



To Proxy or not: An Empirical Evaluation of the Pure Play Method for WACC computation with regard to Firms in Cement, Steel and Textile Sectors in India




Women’s Education and their Husband’s Income

I-Chun Chen



The PPP Hypothesis Revisited: Evidence using a Multivariate Long-Memory Model

Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Luis A. Gil-Alana and Yuliya Lovcha



Growth Elasticity of Poverty: A Disaggregated Analysis in the context of Bihar

Dhananjay Kumar, Atish Kumar Dash



A District Level Study on Changing Consumption Pattern of Rural and Urban Households

Sanjib Dutta



Managerial Challenges of Startups in India 

Shaila Srivastava and Shweta Dixit 














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