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               Volume 17                                     Number 3                                        March  2018



Homebuyers’ Dynamics and House Prices: GMM Evidence from 34 Countries

Aaron-Samuel Chan and Constantinos Alexiou



Capital Account Liberalization and Financial Stability in sub-Saharan Africa

Joseph Stévy Mba Ollo



Flipped Small Scale Farmer Economy through New Diet Trend, Information Communication Technologies, and New Business Model: Evidence from Taiwan

Cheng-Ta Lin and Shuang-Shii Chuang



Competitiveness of sesame seeds exports from Sudan: An Empirical Analysis

Nagat Elmulthum, Amal Saeed Abass and Abda Abdalla Emam



Foreign Direct Investment into Developing Countries: Trends and Prospects.

Pradeep Kumar Das



Volatılıty Spıllover Effect wıth Tıme-Varyıng Parameters between Bıst100 and Dow-Jones under Dıfferent Regımes

Elif Erer and Deniz Erer



Does mixed frequency vector error correction model add relevant information to exchange misalignment calculus? Evidence for United States

Emerson FernandesMarçal, Diogo de Prince, Beatrice Zimmermann and Giovanni Merlin



Short-term Impact of High Speed Rail on the Working-age Population: Evidence from Kyushu Shinkansen in Japan

Tomoru Hiramatsu and Koji Yoneda



Construction of Composite Index to Assess Monetary Conditions and Stance of Multiple Indicators Approach Based Monetary Policy




Relationship between CO2 Emissions And Fossil Fuel Usage in Energy Production in Turkey: A Scenario Analysis

Hakan Cetintas, I. Murat Bicil and Kumru Turkoz



The Optimal level of the Public Expenditure in the Countries of the EMCCA: The Case of Congo

Idrys Fransmel Okombi



A Study of the Taiwan Stock Market Overreaction to the Overnight Performance of the U.S Stock Market

Wu-Chang Luo, Tien-Wei Lou and Tzu-Han Hung



Determinants of Used Car Demand Price: Empirical Evidence from Turkey

Rüştü Yayar



Issues Relating to Farmer’s Credit in Andhra Pradesh, India: An Econometric Analysis

Srinivasa Rao Pasala










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