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               Volume 17                                     Special Issue                                       December 2018



Central Bank Intervention and Its Impact on Currency Volatility in India

Asha Prasuna and Bhaskar Gorugantu



M&A Strategies – An Empirical Analysis of Indian Scenario

S N V Siva Kumar and V S Parthasarathy



Encouraging Women on Board in India: Can Legislation do It Alone?

Prema Basargekar



The Indian Stock Market and Foreign Investor Flows: A Causal Study

Bhargavi Karamcheti and Vaishali Padake



An Investigative Study on the Impact of the Macroeconomic Fundamentals on the Indian Stock Market

Vaishali Padake and Bhargavi Karamcheti



Relationship between Stock market returns and Macroeconomic Variables in China - An Empirical Analysis

Shaila Srivastava and Asha Prasuna



Awareness and Perception about Investment in Mutual Funds

Sonali Senapati and Shaila Srivastava







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