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               Volume 17                                     Number 10                                        October 2018



A Choice between Direct and Indirect Export Channels: A Study of Manufacturing Firms in Sub Saharan Africa

Seifu Zerihun  and Fassil Fanta



Does Trade Openness Increase Income Inequality in the United States?

Rajarshi Mitra and Md. Sharif Hossain



Stock Prices and ZAR/USD Exchange Rates: A Quantile Autoregressive Distributed Lag Approach

Tzu-Kuang Hsu



The Effect of Economic Freedom on Economic Growth: An Application on OECD Countries

Ismail Çifçi, Ergin Uzgören and Rabiainci Özbek



Empirical Analysis of E-Wallet Usage in India: Pre- and Post-Demonization

Kirti Wankhede and Shweta Dixit



Does Labour Market Flexibility Reduce Youth Unemployment in Time of Crisis? Evidence from Italian Case

Giorgio Liotti,  Marco Musella and Federica D’Isanto



Does Price Transparency Stir Price Competition in Healthcare Market? Relationship between Charges and Demand for Drug-Eluting Stents

Pi-Fem Hsu



Joint Determination of Real GDP and Income Inequality during Internal Conflict: A Case Study on Sri Lanka

Chandika Gunasinghe, EA Selvanathan, Athula Naranpanawa and John Forster



Uncertainty and Trade: Evidence from Germany

Binh Nguyen Thanh



Extreme Returns and Investor Attention to Bitcoin

Cedric L. Mbanga



Does Idiosyncratic Risk Matter to Momentum Profits? Evidence from China

Wei-Shun Kao, Li-Hsun Wang, Chu-Hsiung Lin and Chi-Hua Huang



Market Structure and Product Variety in the Music Industry Revisited

Kellie Konsor



Threshold Effect of Capital Ratio on Bank Interest Margins in Europe

Hideki Nishigaki













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