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               Volume 17                                     Number 1                                        January  2018



Joint Patenting between Firms and Universities

Mark Funk



Signaling Transition for Time-Based of Counts in Market Manipulations

Jer-Shiou Chiou and Pei-Shan Wu



Impact of Trade Openness on Inflation in India: An Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Approach

Priyanka Sahu and Naresh Kumar Sharma



What Matters? Determinants of Age-grade Gap in the Urban and Rural Areas of Brazil

Lívia Madeira Triaca, César Augusto Oviedo Tejada



Estimation of Household's Preference for Energy Sources by Conjoint Analysis in Japan

Shin Kinoshita



Does the Role of Teachers Matter? PLS Modelling on Learning Achievement of Undergraduate Students in Taiwan

Yi-Hui Chiang



Relationship between Stock Markets and Foreign Exchange Rates in India: An Empirical Analysis

A. Aparna



Empirical Analysis of the Linder Hypothesis: A Random Effects Tobit Model

Ebru Çağlayan-Akay and Zamira Oskonbaeva



Are these Periods the Same? Comparing Insurance Performance Under Risk- and non-Risk-Based Capital Regime in Nigeria

Sunday Sunday Akpan, Fauziah Mahat, Bany-Ariffin Amin Nordin and Annuar Bin Re, A. Nassir



Relevance of Executive Compensation and Corporate Performance: Indian Automobile Industry

Narayani Ramachandran



Analysis of the Predictability of BREXIT

Veronika Humphries and Tammy Johnston



Further Evidence between Research and Developmentand Exports to OECD Countries

Sung Yu-Chi, Hung-Pin Lin and Ya-Chi Lin



Impact of Financial Crises on Corporate Financing Decision of Turkish Manufacturing Companies

Emin Avci, Murat Cinko and Levent Cinko



The Aftermath of 2008 Turmoil on Brazilian Economy: Tsunami or “Marolinha”?

Emerson Fernandes Marçal, Ronan Cunha, Giovanni Merlin and Oscar Simões







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