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               Volume 16                                     Number 8                                        August  2017




Demand for Residential Energy in Brazil Revisited: A Dynamic Panel Data Approach

Daniel de Abreu Pereira Uhr, André Luiz Squarize Chagas and Julia Gallego Ziero Uhr



Do the Summer Olympic Games Accelerate Economic Growth? A Dynamic Panel Analysis

Kazutaka Kurasawa



The Optimal Size of Government and Well-being : The Case of EMCCA

Assoumou Ondo



Tax and Spend, Spend and Tax or Fiscal Synchronization in India: Evidence from ARDL Bound Testing Approach

Asharani Samal



Saudi Arabian Fiscal Multiplier

Yasuo Nishiyama



Fertility and Health Status in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Panel Evidence

Ovikuomagbe Oyedele



Forecasting the Production Performance of Eight Core Industries in India

Purna Chandra Padhan



Determinants of the Terms and Conditions of Bank Loans to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the European Union

Yaseen Ghulam



Revisiting the Wagner Law and Keynesian hypothesis:  Further Evidence in the United States

Tsangyao Chang and Yu-Cheng Chang



Socio-religious Dimension of Poverty and Decomposition of Consumption Inequality in India: A Rawlsian Interpretation

Mohammad Kashif Khan



Tourism-Poverty Relationship in Developing Countries: A Panel Causality Analysis

Zamira Oskonbaeva



GDP, and Nexus among Foreign Direct Investment, Private Investment and Public Investment: Evidence From ECOWAS Countries

Samuel Stephen Wakdok, Gylych Jelilov and Yadigarjan Gayypov







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