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               Volume 16                                     Number 7                                        July  2017



Time-Varying Neutral Interest Rate in Brazil: Further Evidence from a Simple New Keynesian Model

Andreza Aparecida Palma and Marcelo Savino Portugal



Asymmetric Adjustment Speed and Roles in the US Phillips Curve

Yifei Cai



On the Fundamental Time-Series Relationship between the U.S. and Brazilian Stock Markets

Daniel De Oliveira Cabral and Chung Baek



Offer of Work and Sexual Orientation: Evidence of Brazil

Paulo de Andrade Jacinto, Gustavo Saraiva Frio, Daniel de Abreu Pereira Uhr and Júlia Gallego Ziero Uhr



Measuring wealth inequality in Lebanon and its relation to two macro-economic variables

Samih Antoine Azar



Interest Rate Behaviour and its Relationship with Economic Growth in ECOWAS Countries: A Panel Data Approach

Fadimatu I. Waziri, Gylych Jelilov and Abdurahman Isik



Nexus between Financial Development and Inequality: An Empirical Investigation of Financial Kuznets Curve for Selected EU Countries

İpek Tekin and Orhan Cengiz



Performance of Taiwanese International Hotels: New Evidence from Super SBM Approach

Jui-Chang Cheng, Meng-Fen Hsieh, Shan-Ju Ho and Chia-Ti Lin



Structural Breaks in the Forward Premium: The 2008 Financial Crisis Puzzle

Carsten Croonenbroeck and Daniel Ambach



Revisit Asymmetric Causal Link between Insurance Activity and Output in the United States

Tsangyao Chang and Yi-Ting Peng



Income Convergence among Civilizations: Sigma and Beta Approaches

Hakan Saribas



Cryptocurrencies Bubbles: New Evidences

Michel Cândido de Souza, Elder Tiago da Costa de Souza and Hugo Carcanholo Iasco Pereira







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