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               Volume 16                                     Number 3                                        March  2017



Evidence regarding Gender Segregation in the U.S. Labor Market Based on Major Occupations

Hervé Queneau



Paradox of International Capital Flows to India: A SVAR Approach

Madhusmita Mohanty and Arundhati Mallick



Stock Market Development and Economic Growth in Côte d'Ivoire: An ARDL Approach

Konan Léon N’dri



Economic Growth, Urbanization, Industrialization, and Metropolitan Electricity Consumption: Evidence from Guangzhou in China

Yiming He and Shaohui Gao



The Impact of Afterschool Childcare on the “First-grade Wall”: Labor Supply of Mothers with School Age Children in Japan

Yoko Morita and Kazuyasu Sakamoto



Earnings Overlife: Are We Building a New Glass Ceiling?

Marta Pascual Sáez, David Cantarero-Prieto and Noelia González-Prieto



Globalization and Output- Chicken and Egg, What Cause What?

Tsangyao Chang and Chia-I Pan



Fiscal Policy and Interest Rate Dynamics in Ghana:  An Empirical Examination

Lawrence Adu Asamoah



Central Bank Independence, Inflation and Inflation Uncertainty in Turkey

İlhan Eroğlu, CumhurErdem and Yakup Çidem




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