The Empirical Economics Letters

A Monthly International Journal of Economics


ISSN 1681-8997


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               Volume 16                                     Number 2                                        February  2017



Female Labour Force Participation and Economic Growth: Theoretical and Empirical Evidence

Ekrem Erdem, Ali Gökhan Yücel and Ahmet Köseoglu



The Effect of Interest Rate Spreads on Economic Activity: Evidence from the United States

Hai-Yen Chang and Yung-Chang Wang



CPI VS. PPI: A Cointegration Analysis Allowing for Number of Breaks

Sedat Alataş



The Relationship between Oil Price and Stock Market Index: An Empirical Study from Kuwait

Ahmed Alhayky and Nizar Naim



Cost of Trade Settlement through International Clearing Union: A Case Study of Asian Clearing Union

Vijay Singh Shekhawat and Vinish Kathuria



Cash-Flow and Investment: A Panel Quantile Approach

Umit Koc and Hasan Sahın



The Effect of Structural Reforms on Economic Growth: A Panel Data Analysis of Selected Transition Economies

Mustafa Torun



Empırıcal Study of Agrıculture on Economıc Growth: The Case of Nıgerıa

Omoyiwola Olumayowa Ogunsanya, Gylych Jelılov and Kemal Ozden






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