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               Volume 16                                     Number 1                                        January  2017



The Effect of Private Benefits of Control: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis

Kerry Liu

[Abstract (pdf)]


Exchange Rate Volatility and Validity of Purchasing Power Parity: A Dynamic Panel GARCH Model

Ebru Çağlayan-Akay and Nursefa Ergin

[Abstract (pdf)]


Why Random Walk Forecasting Works Well in Forecasting the Japanese Inflation

Kazutaka Kurasawa

[Abstract (pdf)]


Health Care Expenditure and Child Mortality in West Africa

Ovikuomagbe Oyedele

[Abstract (pdf)]


Modelling Nonlinearity in Public Debt-Economic Growth Relationship: A Piecewise Panel Regression

Olivier Habimana

[Abstract (pdf)]


CO2 Emission, Power Consumption and Economic Growth in Bangladesh: An ARDL Bound Testing Approach

A.N.M. Wahid, Anwar Hossain, Kazi Tanvir Mahmud and Khairul Alom

[Abstract (pdf)]


Testing the Tourism-Led Growth Hypothesis for Brazil: An ARDL Bounds Approach

Cleomar Gomes da Silva and Roberto Meurer

[Abstract (pdf)]


Hysteresis of Unemployment: New Evidence from Romania

Tayfur Bayat, İzzet Taşar and Yunus Aççı

[Abstract (pdf)]


Prediction of Industrial Sickness in India

Abhay Nagale and Varadraj Bapat

[Abstract  (PDF)]


CO2 Emissions, Energy Consumption, Economic Growth,  and Agricultural Development in ASEAN’s Developing Members

Dinh Hong Linh and Tran Viet Khanh

[Abstract  (PDF)]






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