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               Volume 15                                     Number 9                                        September  2016



A Test of Two Open-Economy Theories: The Case of Oil Price Rise and the Netherlands

Kavous Ardalan



Are Bitcoin Prices Rational Bubbles

Hiroshi Gunji



Is Schumpeter Actually Right? The Investigation of Finance and Growth in China

Su-Ling Tsai, Jia-Hsi Weng and Chun-Ping Chang



The Dynamics between Government Debt and Economic Growth in South Asia: A Time Series Approach

Nimantha Manamperi



Exchange Rate Predictability for the Australian Exchange Rate—Evidence from the Interest Rate Rule

Hsiu-Hsin Ko



Investigating the Winner’s Curse in the Turkish Spectrum Auction

Uğur Emek



HowGlobal and Domestic Events Affect EmergingMarket: Evidence from Vietnam Market

Wen-Cheng Hu,Wan-Rung Lin and Dao Le Minh



An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Preferences for Rental Houses in Istanbul Using Mixed Logit Model: A Comparison of European and Asian side

Selahattin Güriş and Nazan Şak



Rational Bubbles in G-7 Countries: An Empirical Note based on the ADL Test for Threshold Cointegration

Ming Che Chou and Tsangyao Chang



Nexus between Health Expenditures and Economic Growth in the EU: A Panel Cointegration and Causality Analysis

Ayhan Kuloglu and Ebru Topcu



Relationship between Vegetable Oil and Crude Oil: Evidence from China

Wei-Fong Pan



Unemployment-Labor Force Participation Rate Relationship in the Periods of Business Cycle: A Nonlinear Approach

Banu Tanriöver







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