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               Volume 15                                     Number 8                                               August  2016


A Modified Common Support Condition for Applications of Generalized Propensity Score Estimation to Continuous Treatments 

Michael Gove



Commodity-Specific Consumption Inequalities in India: A Decomposition Exercise

Jayanta Sen



A Note on Threshold Cointegration Dynamics in the Australian Term Structure of Interest Rates

Zouheir Mighri



Is Schumpeter Actually Right? The Investigation of Finance and Growth in China

Su-Ling Tsai, Jia-Hsi Weng and Chun-Ping Chang



A Bounds Test Analysis of Financial Development and Energy Consumption Nexus in Cote d’Ivoire

Lewis Landry Gakpa



Export, Import and Economic Growth: The Trilateral Analysis in BRICS

Mousumi Bhattacharya and Sharad Nath Bhattacharya



An Empirical Test of Purchasing Power Parity for CASSH and BRICS Countries: Panel Stationary Test with both Smooth and Sharp Breaks

Tsung-Pao Wu



Poverty, Inequality of Distribution and Explanatory Causes of Personal Income Family in 2001, 2006 and 2011: Mato Groso  in Brazil

Dayanne Darth Ananias and Benedito Dias Pereira



Impact of Macroeconomic Indicators on the Sovereign Ratings

A. Aparna



A Study of Performance Persistence in Taiwan Banks

Li, Kai-Li



Relationship between Overnight Interest Rates in the US and in Turkey: Some Evidence from Symmetric and Asymmetric Granger Causality Tests

Umit Bulut and Ekrem Erdem






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