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               Volume 15                                  Number 5                                         May 2016


Biofuel Development: Assessing the trade-off between energy use and food security on the Agricultural Sector using the GTAP Model

Luz Centeno Stenberg and Mahinda Siriwardana



Higher-Order Bias-Corrected Estimation of Heterogeneous Dynamic Panel Data Models

Meng Qi



The Impact of Tax Reforms and Economic Growth of Nigeria

Gylych Jelilov, Samira Abdul Rahman and Abdurahman Asik



Co-Movement in Commodity Price Returns: New evidence from DMCA approach

Jean Remy Oyaya



Analyzing the Impact of Trade Facilitation on Intra-Exports Flow among Selected SADC Countries

Puruweti Siyakiya



Recent Convergence Trends among World Economies

Attila Gáspár



Regulation Support to Industrial Clusters: A Cross-Country Analysis

Maria Berrittella and Carmelo Provenzano



Examining Of Gender Differences in Wages by Penalized Iteratively Reweighted Least Squares: The Case of Turkey

Ebru Caglayan Akay and Sinem Guler Kangalli Uyar



FDI, Financial Development and Economic Growth: An ARDL-Type Analysis for Cameroon

Augustin Impawe



Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Indochina: A holistic approach

Jan-Yan Lin and Doan Thi Thanh Hoa






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