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               Volume 15                                     Number 12                                        December  2016



Does Information Technology Lead Firms to Flatten? Evidence from Japan

Hiroyuki Kuwahata



Labour Resources Misallocation from Agricultural Productivity Gap: Evidence from Theory to Practice

Chang-Ching Lin, Chu-Ping Lo and Pei-Ing Wu



Exports and Profitability: Evidence for Togolese Formal Firms

Mawussé Komlagan Nézan Okey



Tropics and Economic Development: Further Cross-Country Evidence

Rati Ram



The Effect of the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 on Filings

Clifford Thies, Bogdan Daraban and John Winn



The Motherhood Wage Penalty in Generation Y: Evidence from the United States

Guanlin Gao, Susan E. Long and Hong Zhuang



On the Relationship between Total Reserves and Contagion Effects of BRIC Financial Markets

Paulo Matos, Marcio Rebouças and Jaime De Jesus Filho



Asian American Segregation in US Metropolitan Areas: Which Land Use Patterns Matter?

Jared M. Ragusett



Consumer Confidence and Household Spending: Evidence from Brazil

Thiago Henrique Carneiro Rios Lopes and Cleiton Silva de Jesus



Do They Act Rationally? The Ultimatum Game, A Meta-Analysis of Three Decades of Experimental Research

Jean-Christian Tisserand



Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in China: Evidence from State-Space Model

Jaganath Behera



Energy Consumption and Growth Nexus: Dynamic Panel Data Evidence from ECOWAS Member Countries

Inuwa Nasiru, Haruna Modibbo Usman and  Mohammed Bello Sani



An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Gender Gap on Economic Growth: A Panel Data Approach

Amdadullah Baloch, Said Zamin Shah Zaleha Mohd Noor and Balach Rasheed








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