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               Volume 15                                     Number 11                                        November  2016



Flood-related Health-Risk Management: Does the Household Financial Condition or the Level of Education Matter?

Anichul Hoque Khan and Hasnat Dewan



Does Depreciation of the Exchange Rate Boost Taiwan’s Exports?

Yi-Hui Chiang



Testing for Non-linearity in the Relationship between Labor Cost and Employment in Côte d’Ivoire: A Non Dynamic Panel Threshold Analysis

Coffie Francis Jose Nguessan



Impact of Economic Growth, Natural Resources, Agricultural Sector, and Government Expenditure on FDI in Mongolia

Maralgua Och, Christian Baerbig and Och Od



Structural Change and Labor Productivity Growth in Taiwan

Meng-Hsi Chou



Venture Capital and Innovation: Experience from Greece

Vravosinos Orestis and Konstantinou Kyriakos



Renewable Energy Consumption and Economic Growth Nexus: Dynamic Panel Data Evidence from OPEC Member Countries

Yahya Zakari Abdullahi and Nasiru Inuwa



An Exploratory Empirical Note on the Relationship between Local Labor Market Freedom and the Female Labor Force Participation Rate in US Metropolitan Areas

Crystal Wong and Dean Stansel



A Stated Preference Approach to the Analysis of Risk Perceptions for Renewable Energy Investments in Turkey: Evidence from Choice Experiments

Fatih Cemil Ozbugday



A Growth-Enhancing Policy Mix against the Crisis: Empirically Evaluating Potential Ingredients

George Sfakianakis, Demosthenes Georgopoulos and Theodore Papadogonas



A PANIC Attack on Inflation and Unemployment in Africa:  Analysis of Persistence and Convergence

Do Ango Simplicio and Marius C. O. Amba



Are Some Taxes Better than Others for Economic Growth? An ARDL Approach for Turkey

Eyyup Ecevit, Ali Gökhan Yücel and Özge Yücel










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