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               Volume 15                                  Number 1                                   January 2016


Money Illusion, Chronic Deflation, and Prolonged Slump in the Japanese Economy

Yoshito Funashima



Analysis of Financial Efficiency and Return to Investment in Cattle Fattening Enterprise of Borno State, Nigeria

Abba Sidi S. Umar, Alhaji A. Makinta and Ibrahim M. Sulumbe



The Impact of Oil Prices on Soybeans Commodity Prices: Asymmetric cointegration Evidence

R. Balach, B.T Matemilola, Lee Chin and Amdadullah Baloch



Weak Form Efficiency and Martingale Difference Sequence Tests of Six African Stock Market Indexes

Lexi L Setlhare and Eugene Kouassi



Does Exchange Rate Play Stabilization Role in Kenya?

Maureen Were and Maureen T. Odongo



An Application of Energy Specific Technical Efficiency with Frontier Approach- A Special Reference from Indian Manufacturing Industries

Soumita Khan



Do OECD Countries’Health Expenditures Catch Up to That of US?

Burak Güriş, Yaşar Serhat Yaşgül and Muhammed Tıraşoğlu



A Contemporary Enquiry into the Intraday Causality between Short Selling Trades and Volatility

Hasan F. Baklaci, Ömür Süer and Tezer Yelkenci



Public Expenditure and Economic Growth: An Empirical Testing of Wagner’s Law for Ten African Countries

Yaya Keho



Relationship between Money Supply, Output and Prices in India: An Econometric Exercise

Muhammad Qadeer



Testing Competition in the Turkish Loan Market in the Shadow of Restructuring, Global Crisis and Collusion

Uğur Emek and Bulent Esiyok




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