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               Volume 14                                  Number 9                                   September 2015


US Metropolitan Land Use Patterns and Hispanic Segregation after the Great Recession

Jared M. Ragusett



Willingness to Pay for the Rights to Life, Health, Sports Education, and Learning: Evaluation for Promoting Students Swimming Ability Program

Cheng-Nan Kang, Yu-Hui Chou and Pei-Ing Wu



The Role of Inflation in the Finance-Investment Nexus: A Panel Threshold Approach

Walid Benayed  and Foued Badr Gabsi



The Power of the Augmented Dickey-Fuller test to Detect Non-stationarity when there is a Mix with a Stationary Variable

Samih Antoine Azar and Najoie I. Nasr



Can Microfinance be used as an Effective Tool to Build Assets for Poor?: An Empirical Analysis of Microfinance Programmes in India

Prema Basargekar



Nonlinear Dynamics of Realized Minimum-Variance Hedge Ratios: A Two-Regime Self-Exciting Threshold Autoregressive Approach

Yu-Sheng Lai



Trade with Distant Partners: Is there a Distance Premium?

Yongming Cai and Faqin Lin



Inter-state Disparity of Net State Domestic Product in India: A Sectoral Decomposition Analysis

Mohammad Kashif Khan



IS Turkey’s Islamıc Stock Market Effıcıent? Evıdence from Borsa Istanbul

Gülfen Tuna and Mustafa Uysal



Income inequalities, Aid and Growth in WAEMU Countries: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis

Lewis Landry Gakpa



Additional evidence of Long-run Purchasing Power Parity for Nigeria

Huseyin Kalyoncu and Jamshid Karimov








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