The Empirical Economics Letters

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ISSN 1681-8997


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               Volume 14                                  Number 5                                   May 2015



Differences in Adjustment Flexibility between Regular and Temporary Agency Work

Christian Pfeifer and John P. Weche Gelübcke



Mean Reversion Property in Indian Commodities Futures Market

Naseem Ahamed and Aviral Tiwari



Changing Economic Conditions and Why People Work: An Update of Gallaway et al. (1991)

Christopher Shultz



Diagnosing Housing Bubbles: A Methodological Contribution

Akhter Faroque



Government expense, Consumer Price Index and Economic Growth in Cameroon

Ngwen Ngangue, Marius C. O. Amba and Taoufiki Mbratana



Government Size and Trade Openness in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Quantile Panel Data Analysis

Augustin Impawe



Relationship of Threshold Effect among Gold, Oil, and Exchange Rate

Chien-Chung Nieh and Chia-Yen Yeh



Effects of Consumer Confidence on WTP for Cloud Storage

İsmail Şentürk



Social Mobility and Trust: Preliminary Evidence

Nurullah Gur



Purchasing Performance and Logistics Strategy: An Approach to Public Sector Purchasing

Cheng-Yung Lin, Pai-Lung Chou and Chen-Hua Yao



Effects of Female and Male Life Expectancy on Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Newly Industrialized Countries

Meliha Ener and  Feyza Balan









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