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               Volume 14                                  Number 4                                   April 2015



Testing for Unit Roots in Three-Regime SETAR Models: Application to the United States Per capita Real Health Care Expenditure Time Series

Vasudeva N.R. Murthy



Testing the Housing Price Bubbles Based on the Panel KSS with a Fourier Function Test: Evidence from 35 Chinese Major Cities

Tsung-Pao Wu, Dian Fan and Tsangyao Chang



Women’s Political Status and Mortality: A Cross State Analysis for India

Vaibhav Khandelwal



Effects of Public Debt on Inflation in Developing Economies of Asia: An Empirical Evidence Based on Panel Differenced GMM Regression and PMG Estimation

Nguyen Van Bon



A Revisit of Hysteresis and NAIRU: Evidence from United States

Suresh K G and Aviral Kumar Tiwari



Do Budget Deficits Crowd-out or in Private Investment? A Dynamic Heterogeneous Panel Estimation

Can Tansel Tugcu and Serap Coban



Whose Market is It? Multiplexes vs. Single screens in India

Rashmi Dyondi and Shishir K Jha



Willingness to Pay for Weight Control under Different Physical Conditions and Psychological Cognitions of Obesity

Pei-Ing Wu, Hsueh-Lin Tsai and Je-Liang Liou



Determinants of Fiscal Credibility and Country Risk in Brazil: An Empirical Analysis

Gabriel Caldas Montes and Tatiana Acar



Analyzing Product Perceptions and Purchase Intentions of Mobile Phone Users by Structural Equation Model

Kuan-Chieh Tseng and Chao-Hsin Lin


Is There an Export-Growth Nexus in Australia?

Muhammad Shafiullah







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