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               Volume 14                                  Number 3                                   March 2015


Country Performance Persistence: Roles of National Debt and Trade Balance

Po-Chin Wu and Si-Yu Fan



Effects of Old Age Pensions on Health Status: Evidence from the Health Survey in Turkey

Oznur Ozdamar and Eleftherios Giovanis



Weak Form Market Efficiency and Calendar Anomalies for African Stock Market Indexes

Do Ango Simplicio



Does Sentiment Drive Contrarian Profits in the China Stock Market : 1996 - 2012 Evidence from the Panel Threshold Regression Model

Chih-Cheng Yeh



Daylight Saving Time: are there Gainers And Losers?

Guido Citoni



Patent Litigation Involving Taiwanese Panel Makers in the United States

I-Hsuan Tung and Chia-Ching Lin



Features and The Determinants in the Shift of China’s Grain Consumption Pattern from Single to Multiple Demand

Zhujun Zhou  and Zhenghe Zhang



Weather Shocks to the Nationality Wise Foreign Tourist Arrivals in India are Temporary? An Empirical Evidence

Aviral Kumar Tiwari, Aruna Kumar Dash and M. Aruna


Does Firm Size Matter for the Effect of Productivity on Firms’ Market Exit? Evidence from Vietnamese Manufacturing Firms

Thi Bich Lien VU and Tadashi Sonoda



Information Spillover Effect between RMB and its Reference Currencies

Chun-Chieh Huang and Pei-Fen Chen



Effect of Economic Policy Uncertainty on Economic Growth: Bootstrap Panel Granger Causality Analysis for Selected European Union Countries

Cüneyt KILIÇ



Link between Insurance Activities and Economic Growth: Evidence from China’s Provinces

Tsung-Pao Wu, Dian Fan and Tsangyao Chang







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