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               Volume 14                                  Number 2                                   February 2015



The Day-of-the-week Effect in the Hang Seng Index

Ricky Chee-Jiun Chia, Venus Khim-Sen Liew and Syed Azizi Wafa Syed Khalid Wafa



R&D expenditure and Profit Rate in the Case of Taiwan’s Technology Industries

Wang Tsung-Li  and  Hung-Pin Lin



Immunisation and Child Mortality in India

Vaibhav Khandelwal



Effects of Financial Development, Institutional Quality, and Human Capital on Economic Performance in SAARC Countries

R. Balach and Siong Hook Law



Taiwan Real Estate Valuation and Housing Attributes: A Quantile Regression Approach

Li-Yu Huang and Pai-Lung Chou



Role of Credit Volume on Unemployment Rate: Further Evidence from G-20 Countries

Feyyaz Zeren and Oylum Şehvez Ergüzel



R&D, Technological Change and the Rate of Feed-in Tariff

Jin-Xu Lin, Chun-Chiang Feng, Shih-Mo Lin, Fu-KuangKo and Yun-Peng Chu



Observation-driven Models for Right Skewed Non-stationary Panel Data: An Application to GDP Study

Munir Mahmood, Taslim Mallick, Wasimul Bari and M. Tariqul Hasan



The Wage Information Ignorance of the NBA Athletes: An Application of Stochastic Frontier Analysis

Li-Chen Chou and Shu-Hsing Hsu



Market Power and Revenue Diversification: Evidence in China

Ni-Ling Weng and Yu-Jen Hsiao






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