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               Volume 14                                  Number 12                                   December 2015


Is the World Trade Organization Still Relevant?

Sèna Kimm Gnangnon



The Influence of Institutional Investors’ Stock Ownership on Accounting Discretion and Real Discretion after J-SOX

Kazuhiko Kobori, Yao-Chuan Tsai and Tsing-Zai. C. Wu



Tax Morale Efficiency: An Empirical Analysis

Gamze Oz Yalama



Economic Growth and Energy Consumption in Nigeria

Muhammad Maimuna Yakubu and Gylych Jelilov



Exploring the Dynamic Linkage Between Tourism Development and Economic Growth in Taiwan: Autoregressive Distributed Lag Model With A Quantile Regression

Tzu-Kuang Hsu, Jung-Wen Hsia, Chun-An Chen and Yi-Hui Chiang



What is the Truth? Financial Development Causes Economic Growth or Economic Growth Causes Financial Development

Ahmet Sekreter



English Proficiency, Internet Use and Economic Development

Shan Ying-Chu and Doan Thi Thanh Hoa



Does Exchange Rate Play Stabilization Role in Kenya?

Maureen Were and Maureen T. Odongo



Stock Market Integration in Africa Reconsidered: A Wavelet Multiple Correlation and Cross-Correlation Analysis

Oyaya Jean  Rémy



Heterogeneous Firms and Export Price: Evidence from Firm-Transaction Matched Data

Ming-Huan Liou, Chih-Hai Yang and Chung-Yueh Chiu



Public Expenditure and Economic Growth: An Empirical Testing of Wagner’s Law for Ten African Countries

Yaya Keho







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