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               Volume 14                                  Number 1                                   January 2015


PPP Income Per Capita in South Asian Countries: Comparison of ICP and World Bank Data

Rati Ram



Dynamic Causality among Economic Growth, Inflation and Demand Management Policies in Vietnam

Yung-Chang Wang and Tu Mai Hoang Phi



Is the Hong Kong Stock Market Asymmetrical in Behavior?

Venus Khim-Sen Liew, Ricky Chee-Jiun Chia and Syed Azizi Wafa Syed Khalid Wafa



The Estimation Gain in the Usage of Fractional Integration to Forecast A Vacancy Houses Level Series

Anderson Luis Walker Amorin, Adriano Mendonça de Souza and Andreas Dittmar Weise



Wage Returns to Officers’ Characters During 1830-1850 in Ch’ing Dynasty

Li-Chen Chou and Shu-Hsing Hsu



Intraday Seasonality: Evidence from Indian Market

Aravind Sampath and Arun Kumar Gopalaswamy



Why are Oil Price Shocks Important in Explaining Output Fluctuations in Some Oil-Exporting Countries But Not in Others?

Wee Chian Koh



Effect of Enterprises’ Announcements Regarding Carbon Reduction Actions on Corporate Market Value: Evidence from East Asian Stock Markets

Ching- Chung Lin and Tzu-Hung Huang



Understanding Individual Investors’ Behavior: Empirical Evidence from Bishkek

Ebru Çağlayan Akay and Raziiakhan Abdieva



Inflation Hedging Effectiveness of Business Real Estate: The Hong Kong Case

Henry Koon Nam Lee



Do ASEAN Member States Respond to Oil Price and Income Changes Recently? Evidence from Dynamic Panel Data Estimations

Dinh Hong Linh and Shih-Mo Lin




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