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Volume 13                                         Number 5                            May 2014




Markov Switching with Endogenous Number of Regimes and Leading Indicators in a Real-Time Business Cycle Application

Thomas Theobald



Does Fund Manager Sentiment Create Performance of Mutual Funds? Bootstrap Panel Granger Causality Test

Chih-Cheng Yeh, Hsiao-Ping Chu and Ching-Mei Chu



An Empirical Analysis of Altman’s and Ohlson’s Models

Varadraj Bapat and Abhay Nagale



Effect of Information and Communication Technologies on International Business

Haiyan Yin and Sarah Smeltzer



Accessibility of Health Care: The Utilization of Cross-regional Health Care by Patients with Osteoarthritis

Hsing-Wen Han



Trade Flows of Pharmaceutical Products and Intellectual Property Rights Protections: Some Empirical Evidence

Nasser Al-Mawali and Azmat Ghani



Characteristics of Minimum Wage Workers: Canada vs. France

Samir Amine



Determinants of Market Preference: A Field Research in Kayseri, Turkey

Rüştü Yayar and Yusuf Demir



Relationship among Online Users’ Population, Online Commerce, and Logistics Industry in Taiwan

Chih Cheng Chen and Po Wei Huang



Economic Freedom and Economic Growth in ECOWAS Countries: A Panel Data Approach

P.B. EREGHA and Kazeem Bello AJIDE



Foreign Direct Investment, Human Capital and Economic Growth in Malaysia

Samer Abou Shakar and Mohamed Aslam



Binary Logit Regression to Compare the Factors of Bank Failure: Evidence of East Asian Commercial Banks before and after the 2008 Financial Crisis

Shou-Lin Yang, Chiung-Ying Lee, Ming-Tse Tsai and Tzu-Hung Huang



Are Private or Public Debts More Closely Correlated with the “Great Recession”: The Case of EU Countries

D. Georgopoulos, T. Papadogonas and G. Sfakianakis



Impact of ICT on Economic Growth in Selected East Asian Countries

Saifuzzaman Ibrahim and Haidreza Boojar







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