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ISSN 1681-8997


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Volume 13                                         Number 3                            March 2014




Recent Evolution of Long Term Interest Rates in Spain in relation to other European Union Countries

Emma M. Iglesias and Angel M. Loureiro



A Forecast Comparison of Fuzzy Time Series and ARIMA for China Export

Yun-Sheng Hsu, Chi-Chen Wang and Tzeu-Chen Han



Effects of Economic Policies on the Brazilian Industrial Sector: Lessons from Austrian School of Economics

Tito Belchior Silva Moreira and Heglehyschynton Valério Marçal



The Effect of Financial Integration and Financial Development on Economic Growth during the Financial crisis 

Besnik Fetai



Financial Market interdependency among ASEAN+3 economies: Markov Switching Approach

Md. Saifur Rahman, Mohamed Aslam and Lau Wee Yeap



Who Owns Stochastic Dominance in G2?

Shyan-Rong Chou, Ginny Ju-Ann Yang and Chen-Hsun Lee



Effect of Capital Flows on Exchange Rates in India: An Empirical Study

Aditya Gaiha, A Ramanathan and Puja Padhi



The Impact of Hedging on the Tax Burden of Brazilian Companies

Paulo Vitor Jordão da Gama Silva, Antonio Carlos Figueiredo Pinto and Marcelo Cabus Klotzle



IPO Underpricing in Malaysia: Looking beyond the Listing Prospectus

Roy W. L. Khong and Siow-Hooi Tan



Does the Cost of Carry Model Accurately Predict Price Behavior of Stock Index Futures during the Global Financial Crisis?

Yueh-Yuan Hsu and Janchung Wang



The Option of Public Employment against External Risks

Deniz Aytaç



Foreign Direct Investment, Pollution and Economic Growth in India: Testing using ARDL approach

Neelakanta N.T., Haripriya Gundimeda and Vinish Kathuria



Do Firms Raise Funds as Needed? An Empirical Investigation of Investment Behavior in Explaining IPO and SEO Underperformance

Chih-Jen Huang, Wu-Yueh Hu, Heng-Yu Chang and Yi-Ju Chen





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