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Volume 12          Number 7       July 2013


Momentum Effect in U.S. Stocks: An Exponential Effect

Yasser Alhenawi



Nonlinear Exchange Rate Dynamics and its Associated Value-at-Risk

Jen-Chieh Laio, Sheng-Chieh Pan and Po-Chin Wu



Is Health Expenditure Important for Economic Growth in Selected EU Countries?

Feride Öztürk and Ayşen  Altun  Ada



Return of Education and Retirement Age Decision: A Case Study among Management Graduates from Malaysia

Nanthakumar Loganathan,  Zaleha Mohd Noor and Suhaila Abdul Jalil



Climate Factors on Taiwanese Agricultural Products: A Panel Data Approach

Deng-Yuan Ji and An-Pang Kao



The Effect of Unexpected Earnings Components on Security Analysts’ Earnings Forecasts

Sang-Myung Lee and Joong-Seok Cho



ARCH / GARCH Models on Inflation Volatility and Economic Performance: The Case of ECOWAS

Komivi Afawubo



Determinants of Household Consumption Expenditure: Comparing Semiparametric versus Parametric Regression Fits

Ebru Çağlayan and Tuğba Dayıoğlu



Obesity and the Risk of Chronic Diseases in Taiwan

Shin-Jong Lin



FDI and Health in Developed Economies: An Empirical Analysis

Dierk Herzer and Peter Nunnenkamp



Parametric Value-at-Risk (VaR) of ON and PN Assets in Times of Crisis: A Goodness-of-Fit Study

Herick F. Moralles and Daisy A. N. Rebelatto



Trading patterns and Behavioral Biases in the TAIEX Futures Market

Mei-Chen Lin



Reversals in Opening Stock Returns

Andrey Kudryavtsev 






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