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Volume 12          Number 6       June 2013


Micro Evidence for Sources of Innovation in European Countries

Davide Piacentino



Turkish Economy’s Great Transformation: Industry, Agriculture and Economic Growth in the Process after 1980, A Review from the Perspective of Kaldor’s First Growth Law

Ömer Tuğsal Doruk, Ahmet Kardaşlar and Ediz Deniz Kandır



Non-linearities in the Returns to Education in Mexico

Vicente Garcia-Moreno and Harry Anthony Patrinos



Bounds Test Approach and Causality between Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth in Nine Newly Industrialized Asian Countries

Lin Hung-Pin and Shih-Shen Chen



Foreign Direct Investment, Financial Deepening and Economic Growth in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan: A Comparative Empirical Study

Muhammad Azam



Expected Inflation, Lagged Inflation and the Central Bank’s Credibility: Time-Varying and VAR Analysis for the Recent Brazilian Case

Moreira, R. R.



Environmental Kuznets Curve: A Multi-Proximal Approach for Case of Pakistan

Bilal Mehmood, Taj Muhammad and Madiha Mateen



Impacts of Undesirable and Stochastic Outputs on Country Performance: An Application of DEA Future Analysis

Po-Chin Wu and Tzu-Hsien Huang and Sheng-Chieh Pan



Investigating the Existence of Interaction Effects of Household Wealth and Consumption Poverty on Child Work Decisions

Levison S. Chiwaula



Substitution Effect of Non-cash Payments: Evidence from China

Ming Qi



Identifying and Assessing the Sectoral Clusters in Turkey

Hatice Karahan



Demand for International Reserve in Nigeria: Evidence from an ARDL Specification

Mohammed Isa Shuaibu and Ibrahim Taofik Mohammed



Foreign Direct Investment Inflows and Net Exports Relationship in the European Area: a Panel Cointegration Analysis

R. Fatih Saygılı and Burcu Turkcan






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