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Volume 12          Number 5       May 2013


Key Determinants of Deindustrialization in Textile and Products of Textile Industries in Surakarta and Karanganyar, Indonesia

Bambang Suhardi and Mudrajad Kuncoro



A Comparison Study between Heuristic Fuzzy Time Series Model and ARIMA Model for Forecasting Taiwan Export

Chi-Chen Wang, Yun-Sheng Hsu and Cheng-Hwai Liou



J-Curve Phenomenon in Thailand

Poomthan Rangkakulnuwat



Spillover Use and Innovation Success: What Role does R&D Play?

Uwe Jirjahn



Public Expenditure and Economic Growth in Nigeria: An Auto-Regressive Distributed Lag (ARDl) Approach

Tajudeen Egbetunde and Ismail O. Fasanya



Fiscal Policy Sustainability in some OECD Countries: Evidence from Panel Data

Süleyman Bolat and Serdar Öztürk



Long-range Dependence in the Italian Stock Market

Giuseppe Ricciardo Lamonica



Effect of Publishing Hospital Charges on Healthcare Costs in Singapore

Rasyad A. Parinduri



Impact of Bank Competition and Economic Freedom on Tradable and Non-tradable Sector Economic Growth in Asia

Bambang Sutopo, Atmaji Atmaji, Wahyoe Soedarmono and Amine Tarazi



Estimating the Benefits of Illness Prevention using Contingent Valuation: The Case of Swine Flu in Metro Manila

Rosalina Palanca-Tan, Margarette Rose Pajanel and Francis Adrian Viernes



Oil Price, Exchange Rate and Stock Market in ASEAN-5 Countries

 Ulas Unlu and Mert Topcu



The Time-Varying Spillover Effect between the U.S. Dollar and Asian Currency Markets

Wei-Chen Li, Su-Hsin Lee, Ming-Fu Hsu, Chun-Chieh Huang and Jhih-Hong Zeng



Tax Revenue and Economic Growth in Nigeria

Omo Aregbeyen and Ismail Olaleke Fasanya




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