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Volume 12          Number 4       April 2013


An Investment Model for South Africa

Imko Meyenburg



A Time-Varying Parameter Approach to Reexamining the Chinese RMB

Shui-Ki Wan, Shin-Huei Wang and Yi-Meng Xie



Effects of a Simulated Increase in Unemployment on the Income Distribution of Spanish Families

María José Lodeiro, Matilde Arranz  and Emma Iglesias



Healthcare Expenditure and Economics Growth Nexus in 11 OECD Countries: Bootstrap Panel Causality Test

Wen-Yi Chen, JwoLeun Lee, Tsangyao Chang and Yu-Hui Lin



Job Satisfaction in China: An Empirical Study in an International Context

Hong Zuo



Connection between Global Oil Price Instability and Unemployment Sustainability: Empirical Evidence from Malaysia

Nanthakumar Loganathan, Ishak Yussof  and Mori Kogid



The Transmission Effect of Liquidity among Equity Markets: The Impact of the Financial Tsunami

Pi-Hui Ting, Mei-Ying Liu and Jing-Iee Chen



International Evidence on the September Swoon

Stephen P. Keef and Mohammed S. Khaled



Identifying Tourism and Economic Growth Nexus: The Hurlin-Venet Approach

E. Çağlayan, N. Şak and K. Karymshakov



The Ordering Effect in Choice Experiments

Bénédicte Rulleau and Patrick Point

Price Discovery in Jump Dynamics between Gold and Oil

Jer-Shiou Chiou and Pei-Shan Wu



Do Experts Know More About Soccer Betting?

Tolga Yuret



Social Costs of Commercial Banks before and During Crisis

Ali Mirzaei



Participating Firms and Turkey’s Antidumping Duties

Veysel Avsar





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