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Volume 11          Number 9        September 2012



International Trade and Economic Growth in Mexico

Thomas M. Fullerton Jr., Joseph Kababie and Charles R. Boehmer



Population Change and its Impact on Economic Convergence in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Metropolitan Region, 1990-2000

Yuheng Li



Education and Earnings: A Nonparametric Approach for Cape Verde

Cassandro Maria da Veiga Mendes and Luciano Bezerra Sampaio



From Rhetoric towards a Practical Model of Knowledge Management for the Life Insurance Business

Li-Su Huang, Mohammed Quaddus and Cheng-Po Lai



A Generational Difference in Reference Point Adaptation: An Experimental Study

Koichi Kume and Ayako Suzuki



Plant Size, Turnover and Productivity: Evidence from Malaysian Manufacturing

Ergun Dogan, Koi Nyen Wong and Michael M.C. Yap



Behavior of Tourist Arrivals to Taiwan From 106 Source Markets

Te-Chang Liu



Goods and Services Tax and Mortgage Costs of Australian Credit Unions 

Benjamin Liu and Allen Huang



Relationship between Wages and Sports Performance

Thadeu Miranda Gasparetto



Estimating the Long-run Aggregate Import Demand Function for Nigeria

Eberechukwu Uneze



Effect of Security Concentration on Fund Performance

Hung-Cheng Lai and Chun-An Li



Divorce and Corruption: New Study, New Data

Oasis Kodila-Tedika, Florentin Azia-Dimbu and Cedrick Kalemasi-Mosengo



Tradeoff between Inflation and Unemployment in Turkey

Özcan Karahan, Olcay Çolak and Ömer Faruk Bölükbaşı





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