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Volume 11          Number 8        August 2012



A Variance-Ratio Test of Random Walk in International Stock Markets

Bin Li and Benjamin Liu



Tests for Weak Form Market Efficiency in Stock Prices: Monte Carlo Evidence

M. S. Khaled and S. P. Keef



Estimates of Education Production Functions: An Analysis Using Twins Data

Wehn-Jyuan Tsai



Is Democracy More Beneficial in Ethnically Heterogenous Countries: A Reconsideration

Kevin Sylwester



Irregular Work in Italian Regions

Cesare Piacentino



Asymmetric Adjustment of Employment and Risk Aversion

Hung-Lin Tao



Comparing Globalizations

Marcela Sabate, Maria Dolores Gadea and Noelia Camara



Detecting Convergence and Divergence Sub-Clubs: An Illustrative Analysis for Greek Regions

Artelaris Panagiotis, Kallioras Dimitris, Karaganis Anastasios and Petrakos George



Does Smooth Regime-Switching Model Provide Better Detection Effectiveness in Foreign Exchange Exposure?

Po-Chin Wu and Shiao-Yen Liu



Time-Series Analysis of the Relationship between Financial Sector Development and Social Sector Development in Pakistan

Sofia Anwar, Ghulam Shabbir, Samia Nasreen and Shafique Muhammad



Analysis of Poverty in Brazilian Families using Allocation of the Time Factor

Lilian Ribeiro Lopes and Emerson Luis Lemos Marinho



CO2 Emission, Health Expenditure and Economic Growth: Evidence from Panel Unit Root and Panel Cointegration test

Mu-Shun Wang




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