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Volume 11          Number 7        July 2012



A Comparison of Consumer and Retail Trade Confidence Indicators for Predicting Household Expenditure in the UK

Robert Gausden and Mohammad S. Hasan



Some Macroeconomics for the 20th Century

Hernández-Veleros and Zeus Salvador



Measuring the Efficiency of Banks with Different Operating Technologies in Taiwan

Pi-Hui Ting, Chung-Te Ting and Shih-Ting Huang



When and how Did Central Banks Reaction Coefficients Change During the Financial Crisis?

Jens Klose



Does ISO Certification Improve Performance? The evidence that wasn’t there

Fernando Zanella



Insider Trading and the Long-Run Performance of Tracking Stocks

Li-Yu Chen, Shao-Chi Chang, Sheng-Syan Chen and Jung-Ho Lai



Transmission of the Subprime Crisis: from Financial Markets to the Real Sphere

Meriam Chihi Bouaziz, Younes Boujelbene and Damien Bazin



A Short-Run AVAR Trade Model between Canada and US: A Case of Live Cattle Trade

Mohammad Mahbobi and Kien C. Tran



Are Trade Costs Higher for Services than for Manufactures? Evidence from Firm-Level Data

Asier Minondo



Analysis of Long Memory Dynamics in Exchange Rate

Eric N. Aidoo, Bashiru I.I. Saeed, Kofi A. Ababio,, Nicholas N.N. Nsowah-Nuamah and Munyakazi Louis



Sovereıgn Credıt Ratıngs: Do They Tell Dıfferent from What Markets Do?

Huseyin Ozturk



Is Accounting Quality Priced?

Tzung-Yuan Hsieh




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