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Volume 11          Number 6        June 2012



Expected Exchange Rate, Uncovered Interest Parity and Interest Rate Differentials

Kingsley Nwala



Predicting Volatility with Realized Absolute Values: Evidence from the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Shuichi Nagata



The Stock Market Relationship between Mainland China and Hong Kong during Financial Crises

Ahmed Alhayky and Zainab Alhayki



Uncertainty, Risk Effects and Productivity- An Empirical Study of Taiwanese Rice Farming Families

Chien-Hung Chen, Ting-Kun Liu and Jin-Jou Dai



The Forecast Combination Puzzle Revisited

James Flett



Common Trends and Cycles among Interest Rates

Hüseyin Kaya



Intraday Relation between Stock Return and Order Imbalance in Different Stock Market Cycles

Han Ching Huang and Joseph J. Tien



Convergence across Spanish Provinces: Cross-section and pairwise evidence

Don J. Webber, Paul White, Asier Minondo and David O. Allen



Effects of Alcohol Use on Class Absenteeism in College

Wesley A. Austin



Financial Spillovers of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Accident

Christos Kollias, Stephanos Papadamou and Apostolos Stagiannis



Determinants and Consequences of Tax Culture In Kyrgyzstan

Ebru Çağlayan and Raziahan Abdıeva



The Long-run Relationship between Carbon and GDP in the G-20 Countries

Abhay Kumar Jha






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