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Volume 11          Number 5        May 2012



One More Step to Efficient Estimation of Error Correction Models

Carlos Arnade, Keithly Jones, and Ken Mathews



Do Apples Really don’t Fall far from Their Trees? A Note on the Effects of Mother’s Intrahousehold Autonomy on the Children’s Autonomy and Self-Perception

Connie Bayudan-Dacuycuy and Lawrence B. Dacuycuy



Time Dynamics of the Euro-induced Inflation Perception Gap: Intervention Analysis

Petar Sorić



Impact of Stock and Bond Market Development on Economic Growth in Malaysia

NurHaiza Nordin, Normaz Wana Ismail and NurNaddia Nordin



Stock Prices, Output, and Rational Bubbles: Evidence for the U.S. Stock Market

Renatas Kizys and Christian Pierdzioch



Corporate Governance and Expected Returns of Firms in Pakistan

Muhammad Zakaria, Tahir Mukhtar, Saqib Jalil Malik, and Sidra Sohail



Decomposing the Racial Wage Gap between Africans and Whites in South Africa after the Collapse of Apartheid: The Decline of "White Premium"

Hiroyuki Yamada



Re-examination of the Dynamic Conditional Correlation between the Bond and Stock Returns: The Quantile Regression Approach

New Macroeconomic Model for Choice of the Optimal Monetary Policy Rule for Developing Countries

Tounsi Said, Ragbi Aziz and Firano Zakaria



Liquidity Premium of Hong Kong Stock Market: Relation between Companies’ Size and Liquidity Premium

Ho-Yin Yue and Hoi-Yan Lam



Corporate Governance and Voluntary Recognition of ESOs Expenses

Chia-Ying Chan, Shiau-Lan Su and Christian de Peretti



Unemployment Invariance Hypothesis and Structural Breaks

Emilio Congregado, Antonio A. Golpe and Mónica Carmona







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