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Volume 11          Number 4        April 2012



Alexandru Todea and Mircea Gherman

Relative Efficiency of European Stock Markets



Eric N. Aidoo, Bashiru I.I. Saeed and Emmanuel A. Boadi

Relationship between Inflation and Inflation Uncertainty in Ghana



Masaaki Mizuochi

Husband’s Child-related Leave and Fertility in Japan



Nicholas Apergis and Dorota Witkowska

Mean Reversion or Efficiency? New Tests and Evidence from CEE Markets



Kin Ming Wong and Terence T. L. Chong

Employment Effects of Minimum Wage in a Highly Competitive Labor Market: The Case of Foreign Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong



Herick F. Moralles and Daisy A. N. Rebelatto

Modelling Cobb-Douglas Production Function with Non-Traditional Time Lagged Inputs



Mahalia Jackman

Correcting Chronic Current Account Deficits in a Small Open Economy with a Long Term Peg in Barbados



Tin-Chun Lin

The Cumulative Absenteeism Effect and Exam Performance



Meriam Chihi Bouaziz, Younes Boujelbene

Analysis of the Contagion during the Subprime Financial Crisis using a GARCH BEKK Model



Banu Simmons-Suer

Effect of Supply Factors on Loan Growth: A Bank-Survey Based Evidence



Po-Chin Wu, Chung-Chih Li and Chin-Mei Chou

Effects of Socio-economic Factors on Suicide Rates: A Panel Data Analysis in Taiwan



Mkadmi Jamel Eddine and Bachta Mohamed Salah

Analysis of the Response of Farmers to the Incentives for Investment in Water Saving in a Tunisian "Delegation of CHEBIKA"



Meltem Ucal and Julius Mungo

Effects of Electronic Currency on Money Supply Indicators and Monetary Policy: A SVAR Analysis






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