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Volume 11          Number 3        March 2012



Richard Sutherland and Roland Craigwell

Private Consumption Expenditure in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union



Chun-Chu Liu, Li-Min Chuang and Chien-Min Huang

A Study of the Impact of the e-CRM Perspective on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty- Exemplified by Citibank



Amit Kundu

Enhancement of Social Capital through Participation in Microfinance: An Empirical Investigation 



Athula Naranpanawa and Jayatilleke S Bandara

Trade Liberalisation and Income Distribution: Evidence from a Small Open Economy



Richard C. K. Burdekin, Qingyang Li and James Zhang

Futures Trading and Price Discovery: Some Golden Chinese Evidence



Chin Wen Cheong, Ng Sew Lai, Nurul Afidah Mohmad Yusof and Khor Chia Ying

The Hurst parameter evaluations of Asian Financial equity markets



Chien-Jen Wang, Po-Chin Wu and Chien-Jen Wang

Fatal Economic Events and Uncertainty-Investment Relationship: Evidence from Taiwanese High-Tech Semiconductor Firms



Dalton Garis and Albert Wijeweera

China oil Demand income elasticities, 1993-2008: Implications for world resource and food Market price expectations



Langnan Chen and Yiming Wang

Empirical Investigation on the Performance of Universal Banking



Yakaka B Maina, Baba A Bashir, K. Babagana and A.C. Iheanacho          

Urban Households Meat Demand among Different Income Groups in Borno State, Nigeria



Yen-Hsien Lee and Shu-Shian Lin

Option Payoffs with Simulations of Disturbances Return



Gazi Salah Uddin

Remittance and Banking Sector Development in Bangladesh





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