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Volume 11          Number 12        December 2012



Educational Expansion, Inequality, and Mobility: Evidence from 55 Low and Middle Income Countries

Bastian Becker



Oil Price, Volatility and Inflationary Dynamics in Nigeria: A Koyck Transformation Approach.

Eregha, P.B



An Empirical Investigation into the Effects of a Bond Fund Segregation Policy – Evidence from Taiwan

Wo-Chiang Lee and Joe-Ming Lee



Measuring Poverty / Health: A Cautionary Note

Yarim Shamsan, Don J Webber and Paul White



Are Domestic Movies Attracting Relatively More Audience? An Aggregated Panel Analysis of Turkish cities

Sacit Hadi Akdede



What Property-Type REITs Are Inflation Hedges? Evidence from the U.S.

Ming-Che Wu, Yung-Shi Liau and Yung-Chang Wang



Export-Led Growth Hypothesis in South Asian Region: An Empirical Analysis

Samia Nasreen and Hafeez ur Rehman



Revisiting Procedural Utility: Evidence from European Survey Data

Stefan Schneck



Efficiency of Animal Protein Industry in Brazil

Geraldo da Silva e Souza, Silvia Ferreira Marques Salustiano and Tito Belchior Silva Moreira



A Differencing-Data Study of Student Absenteeism and Performance Progress

Tin-Chun Lin



An Investigation of the Relation between the Number of Children and Education in Italy

Luigi Aldieri and Concetto Paolo Vinci



A Case Study on Endangered Indian one Horned Rhino in Pabitora Wild Life Sanctuary in Assam, India

Trailokya Deka





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