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Volume 11          Number 11        November 2012



A Generalized Additive Poisson Regression Model: An Application to Target Management Resistance

Sunil Sapra



Financial Liberalisation Policies and Financial Development in Nigeria

Babajide Fowowe



Interactive Effects of Macroeconomic and Oil Price Shocks on Exchange Rate

Po-Chin Wu and Yuan-Chieh Cheng



Towards a Full Picture of Households’ Wealth across Europe

Christoph Müller



Occupational Mobility in Portugal – the Influence of Gender

Nádia Simões and Nuno Crespo



Mean Reversion of Real Interest Rates: Further Evidence based on a Unit Root Test with a Fourier Function

Chih-Kai Chang and Tsangyao Chang



Impact Assessment of the European Structural Funds in Andalusia: 2000 to 2006

M. Alejandro Cardenete and  María del  Carmen Delgado



Stock Performance of Renewable Energy Companies and the Carbon Markets

Salil Sarkar and N. Alper Gormus



A Note on the Performance of Athletes: The Case in NBA Players

Chien- Yin Chen, Li-Chen Chou and Nan-Hung Liu



A Simple Test Based on SUR Estimates for Heterogeneity on Panel Data Regression Coefficients

Herick F. Moralles and Daisy A. N. Rebelatto



Unit Root, Cointegration and Causality between Social Performance and Economic Performance in Microfinance:Evidence from Grameen Bank.

Lansana Bangoura




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