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Volume 11          Number 1        January  2012



Masoud Moghaddam and Artatrana Ratha

A Panel Estimation of the Stochastic Frontier Gravity Model



Shih-Chin Lee, Joseph J. Tien, Hwai-Chung Ho

Estimating the Price Elasticity of Demand for Lotto from Conscious and Quick Selection Prospect



Olfa Cherif, Mohamed Ayadi and Anis Ben Ishak

Estimation of Demand Systems with Many Goods: Contributions of the SVM- based Method



Nitesh Saha and Sanjib Sarker

Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: An Unbalanced Panel Analysis



Kameliia Petrova

Revisiting the Effect of a Wife’s Relative Income on the Duration of First Marriage



Ming-Che Wu, Yung-Shi Liau and Yung-Chang Wang

Which of the Property-type REITs is Defensive? Evidence from the U.S.



Lee Yoong Hon , Cassey Lee and Tan Hui Boon

An Analysis on the Development of Malaysia’s Telecommunications Sector



Pierre-Alexandre Mahieu and Bénédicte Rulleau

Does the Position of Income Questions Influence Willingness-to-Pay in Contingent Valuation Surveys?



Kalsoom Zulfiqar and Rukhsana Kausar

Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth in Pakistan



Tin-Chun Lin

A Panel Data Study of the Economic Effect of Skipped Classes on Examination Performance



Eberechukwu Uneze

Economic Performance and the Real Exchange Rate: The West African Economic and Monetary Union Perspective



Vincent Fromentin

The Relationship Between Business Cycles and Migration: A Comparison between Traditional Immigration Countries






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