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Volume 10          Number 8        August  2011


G. Thomas Sav

Publicly vs. Privately Controlled Higher Education Costs: Panel Data Estimates



Yongchern Su, Hanching Huang and Chunping Fong

Pricing Index Option of Taiwan Equity Market



Eric Aidoo

The Structure of Ghana Inflation: Evidence from Unit Root Test with Endogenous Break



Takanori Ida and Toshifumi Kuroda

Optimum Pricing Strategy for Fixed-Line Internet and Mobile Phone Services: A Two-Sided Market Approach



Pai-Lung Chou, Chien-Ming Hung and Yu-Min Chang

Earning Prediction of Taiwan’s Petrochemicals Industry under Hyperinflation of Petroleum Price



Jamal Husein, Hüseyin Örs, and S. Murat Kara

Estimating Long-Run Elasticities of the Jordanian Import Demand Function: Cointegration and Parameter Constancy Analysis



Chitrakalpa Sen,Gagari Chakrabarti and Amitava Sarkar

Evidence of Chaos: A Tale of Two Exchange Rates



Metehan Yılgör and Suna Korkmaz

Causality Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth



Yu-Lin Chou

Is a Consistent Monetary Policy Sufficient to Ensure the Anti-Inflation Target? Evidence from the Advanced Economies



Sharmistha Self

Role of the Information Age in Making Voices Heard in MENA Countries



Imed Medhioub and Rafaa Mraihi

Trade Intensities and Tunisian Business Cycle Synchronization



Tim Pawlowski

Hedonic Prices for Ski-Lift Passes in Europe



Fazli Rabbi, Shahid Ali and Muhammad Tufail

Determinants of the Students’ Academic Performance: The Case of University Graduates in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan




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