The Empirical Economics Letters

A Monthly International Journal of Economics

ISSN 1681- 8997 

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Volume 10          Number 6        June  2011


Sokchea Lim and Channary Khun

U.S. Bilateral Trade Deficits with China and Japan: The Role of Japanese Direct Investment



Wen-Shai Hung, Shu-Hsi Ho and Dennis B. K. Hwang

A Study of Guanxi and Employment in Taiwan



Mehdi nafar, Hossein Pirasteh, Rahman Khoshakhlagh and Mostafa Mohammadzadeh

Estimation of Water Demand Function in Iran



Teguh Dartanto

Should Government Complement Zero Import Tariffs with other Policies to Protect the Poor from Increase in the World Soybean Price in Indonesia?



Tze-Wei Fu and Mon-Li Lin

Relationship between Stock Index Futures and  Exchange Rate in Taiwan



Sami Ullah, M. Naveed Iftikhar  and Bedi-uz-Zaman

Causality between Trade and Human Development in Pakistan



Cumhur Erdem, İsmail Şentürk,Osman Karkacıer and Türker Şimşek

An Examination of Price Behavior in Turkish Broiler Markets



Kuo-Yuan Liang and Chen-Hui Yen

Are Fed Funds Rate Futures Valuable in Predicting US Monetary Policy?



Andreas Johann Dinkel and Jan-Christoph Rülke

How do Forecasters form Oil Price Expectations?



Hector E. Angulo-Rodriguez, Magda A. Castillo-Duran, Jorge Garza-Rodriguez, Monica G. Gonzalez-Hernandez and Ricardo Puente-Ortiz

The Effectiveness of Fiscal Policy in Mexico



Ahdi Noomen Ajmi

A Multivariate GARCH Analysis for South and North American Stock Market Volatility



Ferda Yerdelen Tatoglu

Testing Income Convergence among OECD Countries using TAR Panel Unit Root Test





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