The Empirical Economics Letters

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Volume 10          Number 5        May  2011


Robert King and Frank Landram

Understanding the Economic Decline and Duration: A Household Liquidity Approach



Shao-Mei Ho and Yu-Wen Hsu

Impact of China Stock Market Reforms on Information Transmission



Mahalia Jackman

Money Demand and Economic Uncertainty in Barbados



Huseyin Agir, Muhsin Kar and Saban Nazlioglu

Do Remittances Matter for Financial Development in the MENA Region? Panel Cointegration and Causality Analysis



James J. Kung and Susheng Wang

Is the Evolution of Returns from the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index Consistent with Some Popular Random Processes?



Sushma Vishnani and Dheeraj Misra

Economic Determinants of Beta



Andreas G. Anastasiou and Athanasios Anastasiou

Bayesian Estimation of the Seemingly Unrelated Regression Model with Censored Data using the Gibbs Sampler



Hung-Hao Chang

Does Too Much or Too Little Sleep Make People Obese? A Population-based Study of Taiwanese Adults



Ebru Caglayan and Sinem Güler Kangalli

Analysis of Binary Panel Data by Static and Dynamic Logit Models: Stock Returns and Macroeconomic Factors



Yunwei Gai and Lynn MacDonald

Impact of Private Health Insurance on Prostate Cancer Screening



Seda Karaağaç and Cumhur Erdem

Factors Affecting the Willingness to Pay a Premium for Functional Foods in Developing Countries: The Case of Turkey



Jian-Hsin Chou, Mei-Ching Yang and Tsung-Te Lin

Taiwanese Foreign Direct Investment in China: An Analysis by Location Determinants





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